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Click on the coat of arms and you will find a Duffy-Sanderbeck Ancestry PDF file created by Clare Duffy Karr in March, 1966.

The Duffy lineage becomes quite expansive. At my Family Tree Maker website you will find reports and an interactive family tree for additional information. (Note: 8/29/08 - I still need to update the interanctive family tree)

   Joe and Betty-1977

Helen (Betty) Elizabeth Duffy
Married (2) Martin (Joe) McDermott Bretting
Martin M. Bretting has three children from a previous marriage

Married (1) Henry J. McDermott

They have three children
-Maura Helen
-Martin Joseph

- 1957-Stewardess Betty for Eastern Airlines



Joe and Helen-1930

Joseph Henry Duffy
born August 14, 1899 in New York City, NY
died February 2, 1957 in Jersey City, NJ

Married Helen Agnes Tarrant
on June 28, 1930 in Jersey City, NJ

They had four children
-Geraldine (Gerry) - born: 6/9/1932, died: 8/18/2001
-Helen Elizabeth (Betty)
-Noel Carol

- Circa 1950s-Helen
- Circa 1950s-Helen and Joe
- 1959-Duffy Sister: Noel, Joanne, Betty, and Gerry

- 2001-Gerry Obituaries
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--------- page 2


Edward Duffy
born February, 1858 in County Monaghan, Ireland
died August 25 , 1931 in Jersey City, NJ

Married Elizabeth Hanratty

They had seven children
-Mary Ann - born: 8/25/1883, died: 9/6/1883
-Teresa (Tessie) - born: 10/9/1885, died: 11/2/1948
-John Francis - born: 6/1888, died: 1962
-Edward Patrick - born: 9/12/1890, died: 12/18/1950
-Agnes J. - born: 6/12/1893, died: 6/12/1912
-James Lawrence - born: 7/16/1895, died: 4/15/1958
-Joseph Henry - born: 8/14/1899, died: 2/2/1957