Superstion Mountains-Arizona, U.S.A.

My McDermott Family







Meghan at 8 months 

Meghan McDermott
Married N. Allen Nowacki
N. Allen Nowacki has two children from a previous marriage

- 2007-Back row:Allen, Meghan, Anton, Corine, Curt: Front row: Cole and Cody

- 1946+/- Henry & Harry
- 1958-Henry Graduation
- 1967-SS Consitution
- 1967-Martin and Meghan
- 1990-Dad-Arizona
- 1992-Meghan Wed


Henry (Buzzie) J._McDermott III
born September 2, 1932 in Jersey City, NJ
died August 11, 2005 in Apache Junction, AZ

Married Helen (Betty) Elizabeth Duffy

They had three children
-Maura Helen
-Martin Joseph

Child from other relationship
-Diarmuid Mark


Henry (Harry) J. McDermott Jr.
born February 15, 1910 in Jersey City, NJ
died April 10, 1982 in Freehold, NJ

Married Mary Lenore Monaghan on July 2, 1930
at Laurel Hill, New Jersey

They had five children (three were put up for adoption)
-Lenore Mary - born: 10/23/1930, died: 10/25/1991
-Henry Joseph - born: 9/2/1932, died: 8/11/2005
-Mary Patricia - born: 1940? - put up for adoption
-William - born: 1940? - put up for adoption
-Unknown baby - born: 1942? - put up for adoption

  Henry Sr.

Henry J. McDermott Sr.
born July 15, 1881 in Jersey City, NJ
died December 9, 1960 in Belmar, NJ

Married Blanche Van Horn

They had three children
-Edward - born: 1909, died: date unknown
-Henry Joseph - born: 2/15/1910, died: 4/10/1982
-Raymond A. Sr. - born: 5/10/1913, died: 4/19/1989

- 1989-Raymond Sr. Obit
   McDermott Headstone at Holy Name Cemetery, NJ

Edward Francis McDermott
born February 8, 1858 in Burton-On-Trent, England
Immigrated to USA in (unknown)
died December 21, 1936 in Jersey City, NJ

Married Annie T. Manion
born: 7/09/1861 in Jersey City, NJ
died: 9/26/1912 in Jersety City, NJ

They had four children
-Henry Joseph - born: 7/15/1881, died: 12/9/1960
-Thomas - born: 1/1883, died: 12/31/1943
-Edward Francis - born: 4/1885, died: 10/21/1926
-Catherine G. - born: 7/06/1894, died: 8/17/1937

     Henry McDermott
born: (unknown) in Ireland
died: (unknown) in USA
Immigrated to Burton-On-Trent, England in (unknown)
Immigrated to USA in (unknown)

Married Anne Kenny

They had one child that is known of
-Edward Francis - born: 2/8/1858, died: 12/31/1936