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My McDermott Family







Mary Lenore Monaghan
born: 10/12/1912 in Girardville, PA
died: 6/6/1966 in New York City, NY

Married Henry J. McDermott Jr.
7/02/1930 at Laurel Hill, New Jersey

They had five children (three were put up for adoption)
-Lenore Mary - born: 10/23/1930, died: 10/25/1991
-Henry Joseph - born: 9/2/1932, died: 8/11/2005
-Mary Patricia - born: 1940? - put up for adoption
-William - born: 1940? - put up for adoption
-Unknown baby - born: 1942? - died 1942?

Married Andrew Serkanic
They had two children

- Find a Grave-with a drawing of Patrick H.

William James Monaghan, Sr.
born: May 27, 1871 in Girardville, PA
died: June 26, 1943 in Avon-by-the-Sea, NJ

Married Mary (aka Molly) Lenore MacNeill

They had four children
-Mary Lenore - born: 10/12/1912, died: 6/6/1966
-Helen Elizabeth - born: 7/5/1914
-William James, Jr. - born: 1917
-John - born: 5/15/1918, died: 2/4/2008

- 1919-William Sr.-Debarkation Hospital
- 1932-William Sr. Hospital
- 1936-William Jr. Graduation
- 1938-William Jr. & Helen Engagement Announcement
- 1938-William Jr. - closeup
- 1940-William Jr. Wedding
- 1943-William Sr. Obituary

Patrick Henry Monaghan
born November 4, 1841 in Ballycroy in County Mayo, Ireland
died October 23, 1917 in Girardville, PA

Married Bridget Derrick (or Derrig)
on 7/17/1870 in Minersville, Pennsylvania

They had seven children
-William James, Sr. - born 5/27/1871, died 6/26/1943
-Mary Z. - born: 11/16/1873
-Joseph P. - born: 1/6/1876
-Margaret M. - born: 6/19/1878
-Vincent - born: 5/30/1881, died: 11/1881
-Vincent D. - born: 7/19/1883
-Helen - born: 5/21/1887

Click on the Medal of
Honor above and y
ou will find an
article written by
Monaghan that g
ives a
thorough account of
Patrick Henry
service in the Civil War.


Martin Monaghan
born:L (unknown) in County Mayo, Ireland
died: (unknown) in USA
Immigrated to USA in (unknown)

Married Nora McMenames

They had one child that is known of
-Patrick Henry - born: 11/4/1841, died:10/23/1917